Saturday, December 29, 2012

Essential Oil Recipe: Woodsy Labor Blend

Is it just me, or do other doulas and midwives ever get mamas who just aren't relaxed by the aromas of lavender, jasmine, and vanilla? They feel more at ease by "woodsy" scents and the smells of cooking herbs. It's always important to know ahead of time what scents your client does and does not like and feel relaxed by if you are planning to use aromatherapy for her labor. Then you can even prepare a special blend just for her, and if she's like one of those woodsy-scent-lovers I just mentioned, this Woodsy Labor Blend will be perfect! 

Woodsy Labor Blend
  •  42 drops Ylang Ylang (Shh, don't tell - it's the secret ingredient!)
  • 120 drops Pine
  • 100 drops Sage
  • 20 drops Sweet Basil (Trust me. It does the trick.)
Add essential oils to glass mixing bottle. Close the bottle and swirl it a few times. Lightly diffuse into the labor room for all your outdoorswoman mamas!

This recipe will fill a 30 ml bottle about a third of the way full - most likely all you'll need and more for one woman's birth. But you can for sure multiply the recipe if you want to yield more of the blend!

Also, be sure to wash your hands after preparing this blend (and anytime after using essential oils). The oils will undoubtedly get on your hands, even if you don't realize it, and consequently get on everything you touch after that - not a good thing!


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  2. What a great idea! I'm one of those mamas and I'll definitely pack this in my birth time bag the next time I'm in labor. :-)

    Thanks so much for sharing this in this week's Thank Goodness It's Monday carnival.

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