Friday, January 4, 2013

A Happy Doula

A doula is happy when she goes to the home of a client who deeply desires a fully natural birth, and the  powerful mama prints out her birth plan and tells her doula, smiling, that her OB signed off on it without an issue.

The happy doula then remembers that wonderful things do happen in the world and there are marvelous care providers out there who respect their patients' decisions.  And she breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that this natural hospital birth will go down without a fight (unless it truly need not be natural).

You know, how birth is supposed to be.  No fighting.  Just, birth.

This girl is a happy doula tonight.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year

2012.  The year I finally got through without getting sick.  The year I discovered the wonders of natural birth and real food (on separate occasions).  The year I first called myself a doula and witnessed my first live birth.  The year I started caring about breastfeeding, alternative health, and aromatherapy.  The year I undertook a really big project called Lutzes of Love.  The year I finally met Mari face-to-face.  The year Lilly was born and grew up to the point of walking across the living room.  The year I lived with the Davis's for a week.  The year Marieka graduated.  The year I went to prom for the first time.  The year the open juvenile team crumbled.  The year I did some drama.  The year I joined Madrigal.  The year I started making stuff for mommies and babies and had the idea of selling that stuff.  The year I went to Barahona for the third time.  The year I cried a lot, but that happens every year.  The year I decided I want to go to Liberty, which I never thought would happen.  The year I turned 17.  The year I became a senior.  The year that is now over.

2013.  The year I figured out was my graduation year in third grade and it seemed so abstract and far away, like 2024 is now.  The year I've been holding onto for so many things.  The year I become an adult, which will hopefully mean it's also the year I get my first tattoo and do other things by my choice only.  The year I go to The Farm.  The year I eat more good food, become a good person, and do good for the world.  The year I figure out what the heck to do with my life and start college.  The year I can finally feel good about myself because this is the year I've been waiting for forever and I can become something.  The year my life begins.